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Welcome to our Easter Colouring Contest

Click on the button below to download the colouring page

prizes and contest rules


  • Three winners will receive our large custom Easter egg package ($30 value) 

  • All in-store submissions will have a chance to play an in-store game and win a free mini-Easter treat ($3 value)

  • selected arts may be displayed on our store front

How to Play!

A) Print or pick up a colouring sheet

  1. Pick a country of choice ( or create one if your creativity leads you to do so :) )

  2. Design and colour the country's flag

  3. Write ONE interesting fact about the chosen country (NOT required for any contestant under 6yrs)

  4. Don't forget to colour the bunny! (or Piggy... or Kitty....can't really tell LOL)

B) Submit in store or by emailing us at


  1. Kids only (under 18yrs) - Adults can help with ideas, but let the kids COLOUR! :)

  2. One entry per person

  3. Must be printed and hand coloured/painted.... No computer or online edits

  4. Country of choice could be either real or imaginary (get creative!!)

  5. Contest ends at 12 noon, on Sunday, March 24th

  6. Submit in store, or by email ( please indicate first name and age of contestant in email.

  7. 20 of the best colouring sheets will be selected, and 3 winners will be chosen randomly from this list.

  8. Prizes must be picked up before Easter, another contestant will be chosen if winners are unable to pick up (delivery or pick up can be arranged within Hagersville-Caledonia)


 My Sweet Sweet World Chocolate Manufacturers. 

Hagersville, ON


@mysweetsweetworld on Instagram/Facebook/Tiktok/Threads

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